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Web Changes

This is where announcements are made for the most recent additions to the web site. If you've visited before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

September 15, 2006: Converted links to wiki format. Old version of links are available at the bottom of that page.

August 5, 2006: Converted facilities list to wiki format. Old version of lists are available at the bottom of the page.

August 4, 2006: Installed wiki software for use in maintaining the facilities list.

July 25, 2006: Moved web site to new host. Updating links for contacts. New facilities information is in process.

September 1, 2005: More tweaks to flux calculator. Added link to rigidity cutoff map provided by Tom Haard at the Remote Sensing Lab.

August 26, 2005: Added links to solar modulation (neutron monitor) data.

August 24, 2005: Added additional links.

August 23, 2005: Flux calculation is fully functional and starting b testing.

August 18, 2005: Updated the North American facilities list.

August 9, 2005: Updated the facilities testing lists with new versions. Updates should be sent to facilities@seutest.com.

August 5, 2005: Everything is new! This is the initial publication of the web site. I would appreciate hearing your feedback. - Jeff

Recent Media Coverage of Soft error testing resources

Nothing so far, but it's early yet.


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